Need your help

July 4th, 2006

Well as many if you know; may brother in law Sari is going to be marry next Thursday. His brother who live in the US is coming to Jordan to attend his wedding. He was out of country for almost 14 years. So I took a vacation for 10 days so that i can show him around… Am trying to make a list of places which I can take him to. So if you know some great places which we can go to, please help me out here and tell me.. inside or outside Amman.


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11 Responses to “Need your help”

  1. Samer Says:

    Off the top of my head:
    - Mount Nebo (Madaba)
    - Hashim Restaurant (Downtown Amman)
    - Mountain Breeze Country Club (Jal�ad)
    - Wadi Rum
    - Wild Jordan (for a very nice view of old Amman)

    And mabrook in advance.

  2. Jano Says:

    i was goin to say wild Jordan :) u can take him to dead sea.. concetrate on the places that have changed alot.. take him on a tour in amman in the car that would be SO LOVELY lol dont u ever! unless its at night..
    hmmm could be to kan zaman with the family..
    and to husein gardens :) i love that place..

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Samer and Jano.. thank you so much… i guess Madaba will take a day.. and the car tour will be everyday…. keep it up guys more ideas will be perfect

  4. Hani Says:

    Outside Amman?! What about taking him to the United States?! :p

    Yeah, I know, it is not funny. Ok, of course no need to talk about petra, wadi rum, dana� �you should already know that those are great places to take him to. In addition of the �infinite list of cafes and restaurants which you should be aware of since you already live �in Amman, you can take him to a Syria, they have great places to visit there :p

    No, seriously, first you should know what he likes the most, is he into nature, historical �locations, cafes, pubs, restaurants� then you can short list the places and make a daily �schedule for his visit.�
    Try Dana, Wadi Rum, Kan Zaman, Jara Market, Wild Jordan, a one day at the Marriot �Dead Sea, Madaba, Ajloun Castel, Jerash� also you can take him to Orientals, it has an �amazing view for Bag3a� mmmm if you got short in places just let me know :)�

    Ah, I almost forgot, Don�t take him to Mekka mall� give the place a break man! They �have a lot of it in the states I guess! (ma tifda7ouna goddam il ajanib)�

  5. salam Says:

    dead sea,and have to take him to Dhana.

  6. Khalaf Says:

    How about Um Qais and Himmeh (great archaeology and thermal waters)? Also, in the Ajloun area you can visit Wadi Tawahin, the forests of Birgish, Mar Ilias (a Byzentine church with a great view. You can also try the Ajloun nature reserve.

    Also, the old renovated city in As Salt is nice. I love walking the old cobble stone streets. The forests of Zai and Dibbin are nice, but I would prefer Rmaimin, which has a nice water fall.

    A hike up Wadi Main or Wadi Mujib from the Dead Sea would rank at the top of my favorite activities as well.

    Have fun.

  7. Roba Says:

    Darat Al-Funoon!

  8. onzlo Says:

    I would say Umm Qais. Also go to Pella and ask for the fish, surprisingly they have amazing fish in the restaurant (I think its raised nearby)!

    Go to Aqaba.

    Its gonna be hot!

  9. Ohoud Says:

    A tour to the desert castles also, thats if he’s interested in archeology and ancient architecture.

  10. bassel Says:

    1)there is a 2 day trip to wadi rum, awesome…see the newspappers for booking.

    2)if he likes adventures, you can go to azraq, and to shumary.

    3)go to lebanon (hehehe)

  11. Wael Attili Says:

    thank you all.. i really appreciate your help… there is a lot of places now i take him to.. anyway the chance of getting outside Jordan is hard cuz he is staying for only 10 days…

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