Google effect on Yahoo

June 25th, 2006


Well, now there are some big changes on Yahoo portal interface. As you can see, they are trying to build a rich web 2.0 portal. They are using CSS and AJAX for richer and easer user experience.” Maybe”

But what amazed me most the Yahoo logo. It was the first time for me to see the yahoo logo incorporated with other graphic or in theme. Is this the Google effect or what?

And when you click on the logo, it will send you to a special page about the theme of the logo… Celebrating the sun!

Now I see, a Google style, but more content.

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5 Responses to “Google effect on Yahoo”

  1. adel Says:

    google is sucking the industry from smart people. It’s a natural result for google to dominate. Since it has the highest IQ average within its employees! google rocks!

  2. Dar Says:

    I used to see such graphics on yahoo loooooooooooooooooong time ago !


  3. lammoush Says:

    4get all that, i have 2 say i love the cartoons here on the last post and this pic on top looool did u do that?

  4. asfour Says:

    I think yahoo is the first to use such thing and not google. Especially in the New Year :)

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Maybe Yahoo did it long time ago… But I think Google made it part of there identity and style successfully … Yahoo was not able to get advantage of this concept as Google did…

    lammoush: yes it’s me who did the picture.. thank you anyway

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