The answer might seem too simple, but also the implementation would seem more like a dream. Jordan, as most of you know, is a small country. With no oil or natural resource which raise more challenge to us. We depend on loans and know we are trying to bring investment from all around the world to reinforce our economy. But unfortunately this solution will not take our economy into the safe side. Basically, we still under the threat of an economical collapse.

What we are aiming for now, should be enforced by two things. These are what I call the ships that will lead us to the safe land.

1-Building a skilled population. We should aim to develop, train and enhance Jordanian skill. Each one of us must be trained on a cretin skill. We should also create the need for new skills. And then export these skills and capabilities to the outside world.

Unfortunately, once we thought that we are going to this direction. But the fact that we still lack a lot of skills… and the skills is the least worry we care about.
We should make this issue a survival issue. People should know that without skills they will not be able to survive. The need of a skill must be lifestyle… we should also recognize that WE ARE NOT SKILLED enough. We must not live the illusion of being so.

What makes this hard to implement is what we call “Wasta” and corruption. Basically when you accept a person based on Wasta to work in your firm or establishment… Then you are killing the principle of skills. This leads us to the next point.

2-Applying rules. No one should be above the law… we should build teams and organizations specialized in applying rules. This part is the most difficult part. It is connected directly to our social behavior. And I don’t know why people love to be above a law. “3o2det naks” Unfortunately our governmental associations are reinforcing this concept. For example, if you have relative who is working in “mo7′barat” or police. Then you’re the luckiest person and you will be shitting all over people. Also if your father is a tycoon you are above the law too. And if your uncle knows the king… anyone who gets in trouble with you he will be in hell.

WE DO NOT APLLY RULES at all. And if we do it based on mode and personal judgments.

In the end what I want to say is that the road for a better and stronger country is clear and known… but now, it is our responsibility to work hard to make this happen and believe that we are capable of doing so. The only solution is for people to raise there voices, and not allowing corruption to take over. Keeping our mouths shut will only make things worst. Corruptions happen only because no one cares to talk about it. It’s like if you were in a line in some bank and some one came to the teller ignoring his turn. If you keep silence he will take your turn. But if you tell him to go back to line and show him that you don’t accept him taking your turn then he will follow the line.

The lake of skills leads to corruption, and corruption leads to a lack of skills. This loop will continue unless we scream to stop it.

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2 Responses to “How can we be the most developed country in the region?”

  1. Abu Shreek Says:

    The relative implementation of the second suggestion will probably cause a collapse to the whole structure and system on all levels.
    wa ma3ann na7wa bina2 dawlett al ganoon wal mo2ssasst

  2. zeralda Says:

    corruption and lack of skills are definitly some of the reasons behind failure. Add to this priorities….we are giving priority to consumption and leaving production behind…it is still too early for Jordan to consume…we need to produce first or we will be murdered by only consuming.

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