Hammam Al Basha

June 4th, 2006


My wife always loves to surprise me. Her latest one was reserving for me in Hammam Al Basha. So I went for the first time in my life to a Damascene bath. I would never think to go to a Damascene bath. But my wife was able to make me does that. “It’s another way to tell meshan Alla et7amam.. re7tak 6al3a”

Hammam Al Basha is in Jabal Amman, near the rainbow street. Because it was a surprise, I didn’t bring my cam with me. When you enter the hall, you will see lots of antiques and a big fish pool, very nice one. Then you go to a change room. After you change you start the process by taking a shower. Then you enter the Sauna room with Karkadeeh and crushed ice drink. After you melt there, you go and sunk your self in the Jacuzzi… now you can’t move… 2 big men ten times bigger than me are waiting to give you a soup bath. I took the soup bath and I guess I lost 2kg of dirt. Then you go take shower and move the massage table where you get a very relaxing massage. After they finish from you, you will be a new man. Shining like a brand new shoos.

I had a wonderful sleep last night; even today I walk up at 6:00 am for the first time in year. Now am thinking to convince my boss to have a meeting with the staff there. It would be a great gift to all employees if they had the chance to go and relax from work stress. Setting behind the computer everyday and all day long is so stressful. And if that kept going for a long time the production level will decline. So it would be great to invest 20 JD from time to time in something that reduces the stress.

One more thing, if you want to have more fun and good time, you rather take some friends with you, to have a good chat while you are in the Sauna room or the Jacuzzi. Also you only need a short. You don’t need to bring lots of stuff with you. Anything you need for the bath is there.

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11 Responses to “Hammam Al Basha”

  1. Jano Says:

    this is nice :) your wife is cool hehe

  2. Hussein Says:

    i know the place there.. it was an old ammani house.. then a syrian-jordaninan guy had came and change it to HAMMAM..

    now i have one comment on the name, the Turkish bath! ok all of us know that this kind of baths is so famous and so linked with Turkey.. and maybe its much older and reaches the Byzantine age!.. so my concern is the style of this Hammam -Hammam Al Basha- is so typical and very close to the Damascene Hammam (������ ������� �� ����� �����) even the towels and floor design and the other antiques were imported before from Damascus..

    So as i see you loved this experience a lot.. so wait for me this summer and i gonna take you to the Lovely Damascus and visit the most famous Hammams there:

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    a very nice post wael.. for extra readings:

    Baths in Damascus (Arabic)

    Hammam on wikipedia (English)

    Al Hammamat Al Demashqayah
    A Book by: Muneer Kayyal, Syria, Damascus, 1964 (very interesting book, you can find it at Shouman Public library)

  3. ����� Says:

    I guess you’re blessed with a wonderful wife :) That’s one of the best surprizes I ever heard of. Masha2allah

  4. lammoush Says:

    yeah i heard that 7ammam basha is gr8 from many people!!
    glad u had good time, greets 2 ur wife :)

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Hussein: wa menkom Nastafeed.. thanks man for this valuable information. :)

  6. Hussein Says:


    you’ve change the text.. its wonderful step! thanx a lot ya man..

  7. manal yusuf Says:

    u now look shiny :D na3eeman

  8. Jameel Says:

    Is your wife trying to tell you something? :)

  9. imad Says:

    looks like it’s full of fatsoz.

  10. urdunieh Says:

    cool surprise..is there one for women? i’d reaalllyy like to do this and de-stress a little. if you know of any for women, plz let me know. thanks.

  11. Wael Attili Says:

    urdunieh: in the same Hammam there is for women… morning for women and evening for men

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