A Mood for Philosophy

August 4th, 2005

If you don’t like “ 7aki emfalsaf” you don’t have to read this :)

A question that is always popup in mind, where do I belong to? What should I belong for? Should I belong to something? Is it a land? A place? Or is it a thought, concept or ideology? Is it a brand, money or a desire? Different things which makes us different people.

I belong to a religion, a place and a thought. I belong to people, time and movement.. these are what makes me unique. We are all unique, living a unique life in a unique place and time.

Before belonging comes believe, if you want to belong to something you should believe in it. You should understand that this thing is you and you is that thing. You should believe that when you die, this thing will follow your soul and define the reason behind your existence.

I belong to a living religion, a changing place and an evolving concept. I belong to a growing people, expendable time and dynamic movement. Thus I am living changing and evolving person who will grow dynamically and eventually will be expended.

You might think it’s a bit philosophic speech, but am sure from time to time each one us has similar thoughts. I always like to keep my search for answers open, I like open endings :) what do you think? Where do you belong?

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3 Responses to “A Mood for Philosophy”

  1. madas Says:

    lol! i love your warning at the beginning…. i think each person askes themselves the very same question, and each of us should find the answer.. because an answer that is good to me, might not be good to anyone else…. I started glimpsing what i belong to… and it is a nice feeling :)

  2. dee Says:

    Wael!!!reading this was like me thinking out loud!! it’s funny you brought this up now cuz m building an interactive narrative about it for my final project..only in my case m focusing on national identity..and raising the question of who I am and where do I belong (geographically)..
    i find this confusion stiring up everytime a person asks where im from and I could think of three different answers, none of which i feel 101% completly attached to for different personal reasons..
    unlike you, i still dont have an answer but i sure hope to find one soon which is why i decided to tackle this question through the project im currently working on.

  3. Jeffry Cadigan Says:

    Good blog. Keep it running!

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