The kid who sells roses!

May 30th, 2006

Have you ever watched the cartoon series “Reemy”? The kid who was living in misery, wondering around with his dog and monkey, trying to find his mother, well.. today I just remembered him.

Everyday morning, I stop by “AL Hada’ek” traffic light in my way to work. I always see those kids walking between cars, hoping to find and an open car window, try to sell stuff that you don’t need. While at the same time, in a different place, some other kids are sitting inside a class room taking final exams.

Today this kid was selling roses. The scene was so ironic. Roses for us are the smell of joyful memories, but for him it’s the smell of survival’s sweat.

Each time I find myself thinking about this issue over and over. I always try to find a way out for them. The problem is that if you buy or don’t buy, either way you are not helping them. The more money you give them, the greedier the people who send them become, also the deeper shit those kids face. And if you don’t give them, the hanger will eat them. And the more time they will spend on the street until they earn “el Ma3loom”.

Are they victims? Or is it just there choice? Who is responsible? Who sends them to the street every day? Are those people heartless? Or the need didn’t give them any choice but to send there kids out there?

What should we do? Many questions I always ask my self.. but no one got any answer… Do you have an answer?

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4 Responses to “The kid who sells roses!”

  1. ����� Says:

    Yeah, it’s really sad, but there isn’t much we as individuals can do. What we need is a way for the government to help these people. Charitable organizations to build shelters and provide help.
    I think a good start is “Tikyyet Um Ali” I think more and more are needed to help the less prvilaged.

  2. Haitham Issam Says:

    I go through a certain phase from time to time, where i just look at such people, with no words at all, just thinking of his wasted life in roaming between cars all day, or sweeping the streets or whatever. I think the good start is far beyond those kids, i think its the system we live in! I mean if we improve for example our educational system and adapt that to our market by providing decent jobs, those things will automatically disappear, who knows..

  3. Nas Says:

    i wouldn’t call their life a waste. these children are part of a higher calling that a lot of us don’t fully appreciate. they live to serve and take care of their families, not in the same way we do.

    they do what they can…victims to their environment

  4. Arrabi Says:

    indeed, the solution is in the system.

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