3ersan in the blogsphere

May 28th, 2006


Sari “Abu Nasab” and Reem who are being engaged for some time, and now preparing for there wedding, decided to create there own blog. They want to share there monuments and thoughts through there SaReem.. Namnou3 blog. If you are about to get married.. if you are preparing for your wedding or if you want to remember the old and good times, you just need to visit there blog..
The blog is brand new and hoping to join the Jordan Planet soon. As you will read, the guys are stressed and the wedding day is approaching..

I wonder what they are going to write after they got married!!

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2 Responses to “3ersan in the blogsphere”

  1. ����� Says:

    I bet they will write more! Then each will have his own and rant about married life :) and how it used to be easier

  2. Reem Says:

    Wa’el!! Thanks very much! I wonder as well what I am going to write after I get married, I think I won’t as I will be busy trying to cook something eatable!

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