I just love google logo themes. The concept of having such a theme is making the identity of google such a dynamic one. Smart, silly and simple, is the key which made google brand wins the heart of many internet users around the world. Using the google letters in a composition with an illustration can tell you more than you can expect. The style of the themes is an art by it self.

Click here to see more themes.

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7 Responses to “Another amazing logo theme from google.”

  1. and life goes on... Says:

    what i like the most, more than the google logo theme, is your theme of a dad holding a baby girl, it’s adorable! Very creative~

  2. 7ala Says:

    Woooow … This is exactly what creativity means!

    I like this one very much; its sooooo impressive! bet3a2ed :-)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    7ala deeri balek tit3a22adi !!!

  4. NaturalBlu Says:

    i saw this logo but i didnt like it that much :S

  5. Dar Says:

    OBJECTION !! , i dont think this one is so creative at all ! it lost all its simplicty !

  6. Dozz Says:

    naah!i LOVE their blank interface,with primary colors,simple,sappy sometimes,or way too straight forward,but very meaningful and expressive.
    its kind of classy.

  7. Hope Says:

    Thanks for the link. I , too, love the google themes.

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