I was planning this trip for two weeks. The plan was simple; take the car, go to Jerash, have “mashawi” lunch there at “abu ya7ya” famous restaurant, then go and see the Roman Race show. I went to the Race website before the trip, to check the shows times. I found that there are two shows, one at 9:00 am and the other is at 3:00 “at least this is what I thought”. So my plan was to see the 3:00 pm show.

Gas meter

I filled the car with gas, and wow it was so good to see the car meter reached this high level. I haven’t seen this scene from long time ago. So I took this photo, just for the memory.

At the Restaurant5

We drove tell we reach Jerash. We kept looking for “Abu Ya7ya” restaurant. There were not indications. We asked around, and people were always pointing to “Abu A7mad” restaurant!! Anyway we kept looking and looking, and then we end up in “Jannet Jarash”, it was the first restaurant we saw after we got sick of looking, so the first part of the plan failed. Anyway the food was not bad and we were almost alone…

Only in Jerash2

Next to the restaurant, there was a car with funny sign. I was glade to be able to take a picture from it.

Jerash Welcome Center2

After we finished eating we thought that we have still enough time to go around the down town of Jerash. We bought a small cart for Joon and head back to the welcome Center.

After the show3

There have been a lot of changes since the last time I visited Jerash, which am going to blog about it later. Anyway, we asked about the place of the Race and went directly there. We saw people walking in the opposite direction. And after a while the gladiators are also walking in the opposite direction!! We reached the gate of the arena and it was empty..
We asked a police man there about the show and he said it was at 2:00 pm not 3:00.


We have been in Jerash from 12:00 am and we arrived an hour late to the show!!!” How bad planning is this” My wife still makes fun of me tell today..

The moral of the story.. Don’t plan.. write the time of the show and don’t memories it.. and where is the hell “Abu ya7ya” restaurant?

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6 Responses to “Abu Yahya and the Roman Race”

  1. husams Says:

    lol man, mashala l banzeenat 3ndak! allahoma la 7asad.

    Actually Abu Yahya moved outside Jerash, maybe you noticed a big brown restaurant at your right, near Philadelphia university, it�s the new Abu yahya, but believe me you didn�t miss much, the old Abu Yahya was better.

  2. manal yusuf Says:

    yes the old abu ye7ya is sold to another guy( abu yasin)but they still serve good food pretty much as b4,much better than the new abu ye7ya, how to get there?
    ok from the main entrance to jerash ruins u keep driving straight for about 300 m. until all u see on the left is a new stone fence surounding jerash ruins…start looking at the right until u see some little kids n men and some nawar women on the the side walk..right there is abu ye7ya..
    all u can see from the street is a small intrance it hard to recognise there is a resteraunt in there :) but i dont know what the resteraunt name is?!!!

  3. wedad Says:

    sorry this happens to me all the time when trying to plan anything :S
    and by the way there is abu samer! are you sure the right name abu ye7ya!!

  4. maf Says:

    Hi Wael,
    I liked your blog..especially the Jarash trip..We should take good care of tourism and ancient sites better..I didn’t like the oldy ruined sign about the hourse race..it should be replaced with a new one! :)
    How about checking my blog, it’s intresting as well..pls leave comments around, salam!


  5. 7ala Says:

    Is he really putting this sign on his car or betkhawat ?! I cant get it ; does he do his job in the car ?! Please say No :/

    w kaman 3n jad where is this “abu ya7ya” restaurant ??!!!

    Sha3taltna m3k ya wael :-)

  6. Reem Says:

    So Wae’l, the directions Sari gave you were wrong!! It’s true that Abu Yahia has another “branch” near philadelphia university, but not long ago i went with my family to the original one!!

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