Stuck in the loop!!

May 10th, 2006

When you see everything in black and all things around you are going wrong. When small things become big problems and suddenly you find that your life is a mess. Then you start to jump from extreme decision to another, probably you’re not going to do any of them. But now, you are in a need to find a way out, whishing to change everything in your life once and for all.

After a while you realize that a full change is not going to happen.. and problems are just going to pause for a while. You go on in your life hoping things will solve it self. The next day you wake up like nothing happened, and you live normally until you face another chain of problems that will lead you to the same problem you’ve faced before. Again the black screen is back, and the loop goes on..

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2 Responses to “Stuck in the loop!!”

  1. Arrabi Says:

    inshallah khair

  2. 7ala Says:

    Wael you are speaking my mind in this post .

    I feel some times that i have been stucking in the same loop for 6 years and repeating it over and over that really makes me feel bad more than any thing else.

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