Crossing the Road

August 3rd, 2005

Tips for Pedestrians
When Crossing a road in Amman follow these tips

  • RUN as fast as you can, if you drop something don’t even think for second to stop and pick it up, its just a matter of seconds and you will be flattened.
  • Close your eyes and drop your self on to the street and wish to GOD to let drivers see you.
    If you are a beautiful women your mission is much easer, a short dress or a cleavage will do the job. But if you are a man then don’t even think of doing the same.
  • Make sure that you shoe ties are tight, and your high heals are a good brand to insure more safety standards.
  • You can cross the street lane by lane, and if you are stuck in the middle, cry or play dead.

Tips for driver
While you drive and when you encounter a street passer

  • If you hit someone make sure that you have killed him, because if you don’t you will be bankrupt and end up with an endless headache trying to please him and treat him in hospitals. But if you kill him the story will end by a cup of coffee in “3a6weh”.
  • If you saw someone crossing the street from far away, speed up to frighten him or he will take lots of time crossing the street.
  • Use flash lights and beeps to inform people on the road that you will not let them cross the road and they should not even think to cross.
  • When letting someone cross the road make to sure to give him a mean stare, just to let him know that next time you will not let him cross.
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4 Responses to “Crossing the Road”

  1. madas Says:

    Wal, Actually several people wrote about this topic, it seems things are getting worse there… when i was younger i was brave and would jump as the guy says… but now… i am not sure anymore.

  2. sabbagh Says:

    Come-on man! You need to run over someone to reach the next level.. That�s how the game should be played. :)
    Cool blog.

  3. MMM Says:

    Hi Wael, cool blog you have here :) I love your charicatures :)
    I don’t know if you remember me. I’m an ex-Syntaxer; Marwen from Tunisia.

    Tip: We watched that shitty Keanu Reeves movie “The Watcher” together with Fadi & Samer at intaj.

    Anyway, keep up the great work :) I’ll be dropping by here very often, I’m sure.

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    thank you guys for the good feedback and sharing me your valuable comments, its really giving me a great push to raise new subjects and issues and look differently to things around us, and yes Marwan I do remember you and I hope your doing well and to see you soon at SYNTAX…

    thanks again

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