whoswho 2006 cover

Finally Mr. Zied Nasser was able to publish his 2006 who’s who book. This time I used a concept of small creatures made out of clay. And ofcourse I can’t forget the Jordanian flag as a must on each cover.

My first clay appearance for public was on OC magazine March 2003 cover. The cover story was about valentine… To tell you the truth, I really enjoy clay art. It all started as kids play thingy and up on magazines and book covers :)


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14 Responses to “My clay work for who’s who cover 2006”

  1. Arrabi Says:

    Amazing work ya Wael. mashallah. this is great.

  2. Rambling Hal Says:

    Awesome stuff! I have that OC cover, I think it’s so cool.

  3. manal yusuf Says:

    my favorate is the one u have on the banner ( the one Joon doing P.P. on you) :)

  4. Hope Says:

    very creative!

  5. Ohoud Says:

    Really cute!

    Mabrook, inshalla it will appear on other covers kaman!

  6. jameed Says:

    gaddeish 3omrak 3ammo lissatak btil3ab bil ma3jooneh? ;-)

  7. Dar Says:

    3a rasi wallah , that sounds nice , eno i used to enjoy playing with it long time a go , i remember myself making a nice dinoasour :) CheeerZ!

  8. kinzi Says:

    Wael, God blessed you with real talent! SO CUTE!!! You could be the Arab “Wallace and Gromit”!

  9. Tololy Says:

    Brilliant! I love playing with raw clay, it is such an experience. Your new header is fab, absolutely fab!

  10. sabri Says:


  11. salam Says: this art,great talent!

  12. Samer Says:

    Good day Wael,
    Nice blog. Can you point to the shop you get your clay from? I need clay in good quantity and a variety of colours. I’d also like to know if you use any tools other than your hands.


  13. Wael Attili Says:

    Hi Samer
    I usually get my clay from Robbins but you get it also from
    - Maktabet al Funun and Maktabet Marwan behind the University of Jordan.
    - Maktabet Al Estiqlal
    - Maktabet Sameer we Ghassan behind Mojamma3 Jaber

    And usually I just use my hand with no tool.

  14. 7ala Says:

    Great work Wael :)

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