July 31st, 2005

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3 Responses to “Rockets”

  1. Jordan Spirit Says:

    Salamat Wael,

    I is vert khajlan min myself and minnak … Sarah asked me yesterday whether I’ve envited you to the Jaha and I said yes … 5 seconds later … i hit my forehead with my hand and and made the sound you make at this situation associated with an ‘IKHS … I feel like a shrimp’.

    3an jad … 3an jad … with all the 3ajga I thought I had invited you, but it seems that I have forgotten … Please sami7ni … please please please … and send my regards to your wife … (Inshallah tgoum bissalameh)


  2. Wael Attili Says:

    Alf Mabrook Ya man.. and don’t worry about anything.. I know the 3ajga that comes before the Jaha… don’t worry about anything.. ell mohem enjoy el kho6beh you and sarah

  3. Nizar Says:

    it seems sad, but if you take it from another perspective… we have the fuel to make all of these nations/rockets work.. we just need to control it wisely ( a dream that may never come true).

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