Evaluate your meetings!

April 18th, 2006


For sure you can say that am not a “meetings” person. But that does not mean I never had one. Actually I believe in the concept of physical meetings. But the point is how much your meetings are valuable, practical or feasible to your business. Time is money. Thus you need from time to time to evaluate the way you handle meetings.

I always try to make my meeting as short as possible. Few talks and direct to the point, I always try to finish my business with the people whom am meeting with. Unless the it is a brainstorming session, that would be a deferent story.

In large meeting, I usually feel that it takes too much time. And the end result is not enough.. According to my feeling and experience I analyzed meeting’s conversations to the following percentages:

50% are out of subject.
40% are repeated subject.
10% are direct to the subject.

I am sure that Each one of you may have a deferent view on these percentages, so let us see your side of the story. Tell us how you would evaluate your meetings…

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9 Responses to “Evaluate your meetings!”

  1. Leilouta Says:

    OMG!!!I had a different position a few weeks ago that was going to drive me crazy.I would’ve definitely quit if I didn’t get transfered to what I am doing now.I had a daily meeting at 9 a.m with one boss.Then another one with a different boss at 2 p.m. Once a week I had a one on one meeting with a third boss. Not to add the daily status reports. As if that was not enough, I had those 3 bosses stopping by everyday asking me how things were looking.How could I accomplish any work if I have meetings all day long and get interrupted constantly.It came to a point where I would just stare at people’s clothes or hair or whatever and think about my dinner, or what I was going to to do after work etc. I am so happy and relieved I don’t deal with this anymore.

  2. Shy To Pry Says:

    These are my latest statistics:

    20% Buzz Words
    10% Nagging
    10% Personal bragging
    10% Developers/Designers Blowing out oooofs from the stress they are in
    10% Day dreaming (looks like we’re taking notes)
    40% Real stuff

    Actually, sometimes drinking coffee and smoking outside with your team might create a spontaneous meeting which is many times more efficient than a closed room meeting.

    Hoping for more spontaneous meetings (in fact, arrange one and make it look a coincidence).

    ps. I hate tobacco products.

  3. ghaloosh Says:

    i think that the percentages go
    like this:
    50% repeated subjects
    40% out of subject
    5% fightings
    5% direct to the point

  4. Bashar Says:

    10 % waiting for people to come to the meeting (They were notified of the meeting one week earlier, but Nooooooo way… Mr “I wana feel important” and “Miss I am always too busy” should come late !

    10 % socializing

    20% non sense management motivation speech

    20% true work

    20% Arguing about that work

    10% playing X/O sheet some times with myself ! yea it gets really boring sometimes

  5. husam Says:

    90% listening to the manager talking about �whatever� and trying to look impressed.
    10% true work.

    Hmm I just wonder if I used the sentence �shut the F**k up and listen� would I get better results from the meeting!

  6. Ghaith Says:

    hi all
    the main problem facing us in meeting losin focus, and start talkin other stuff to prove our point view, for me meeting is my enjoyment wen u can control every around u and make them concentrated on the solution instead of the problem and hit them by ur critical view and end by the best solution for the team.
    as ranking
    5% introduction
    45% listening
    45% discussion
    5% conclusion

  7. Mohamed Radwan Says:

    small question, can I use ur cartoon in a presentation of mine?? do u copyright ur photos?? if u agree, do u want me to mention anything in the caption of the pic??

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    Hi Mohamed
    You can use my artwork freely bit not for commercial uses

    my artworks are under Creative Common rights

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