I just came across this cool website; is another 2.0 online community which targets people who are working in the creative and technology businesses. The site has a blog, forum, weblinks and members profile database. The multi- authoring blog which allows you to register and to be one of the member, enables you not just to read content, but also to share and publish your experiences.

You can read valuable articles about design and technology, keep track on latest trends and designs and also share work experiences.

According to Ivan the site is a professional blog and community site for graphic designers working on Mac OS X. It’s objective is to provide graphic designers a professional forum where they can share tips and tricks, follow up on the industry’s events and ask for help and critique from fellow members.

“Well” I guest I can’t be a member now because I work on windows :(
Anyway the nice story about this site is that started in June 2004 as a personal blog of Ivan Raszl. Since then it grew into a small community of professionals, who actively help each other in their everyday problems and share their thoughts about their personal and professional life.

Ok maybe one day my blog will become an online community for “Mosha3taleen fe Ard!”.

You will notice now that I liked this community website and am going to link it back.

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One Response to “A web 2.0 online community for creatives”

  1. Hussein Says:

    yes wael..its so lovely, and i’m an old addicted to the site, and a member with zero posts:)

    ivan is a great guy, he is an art director in FP7 Bahrain.. he is so creative and dynamic, has two kids: +


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