VENTURE MAGAZINE is the latest business magazine that will be known soon in the market. They call themselves THE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE MONTHLY. From what I saw and read, the magazine is focusing on what is happing in the Jordanian business sector. According the chief editor, the magazine will not only focus on big investment and business related to finance, it will also bring a fresh progressive look and extensive coverage to small and medium businesses.

Keeping an eye on the latest local trends and development, Venture magazine will keep its effort to introduce Jordan business from a fresh and young eye perspective.

The design of the magazine reflects the improvement of magazine design in Jordan. Photography is great, professional and provides the design with a powerful look. But in general, I don’t know if the magazine is just a well done local version of the classical business magazine style. Or they try to become the modern revolutionary magazine of Jordan. Still need to read more and see what the next issues will bring up.

Regarding the people behind VENTURE, the team is young and promising. Most of them I know :) I hope this magazine will be up to expectations, and make deference in the local business magazine sector.

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3 Responses to “A new business magazine in town”

  1. Ibrahim Says:

    This magazine belongs to Alfaridah group which also publish JO, VIVA and Lyalyna …
    this group belongs to the one who i call the Media Superman Mohamad Alyan, who are controling most of the media channels in Jordan …

    he tried to buy Jordan Business, before to comlete his Magazines collection and i dont know what happned then with them, but it seems he didnt buy it … and now he he opened this new magazine to satisfy him self and comlete his magazine collection by covering all types of subjects with his Magazines …He is unbelievable…

    basically, he can lead this magazine to success even if it was sucks, He can fill it with Ads, from the media booking Agency media edge that belongs to his friend the Advertising superman in jordan Abu Khadrah …

    Both Alyan and Abu khadrah are mastring this game in jordan and i dont think anyone can compete with them …

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Venture is a joint-venture between the company that owns VIVA, Lialeena, Ahlan, Fan FM and Rotana and JO Publishing which owns also JO magazine. Mohammad Alayan is a minority partner, and the remainder is owned by Muhanned Khalifeh and Zeid Juma, and Qais Elias who owns a significant share in both magazines, after Omar Samman sold his share severeal months ago. There are other smaller shareholders also. There you have it.

  3. Heba Alayyan Says:

    do you know any contact for the Ventire Magazine, as i want to publish a training brochure in it and want any contact or website or anything.
    Thanks In Advance.


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