We just love him, this is what I felt yesterday when I went to a celebration of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) birthday in Al Fayha Mosque. It was full… people, voices and lights…

When you feel that life is becoming darker and darker, and when you feel people are getting farther and farther, this experience is giving you the light and hope. Making people closer, and you only see them happy and proud of being Muslims and followers of this great prophet. They all sang in one voice “Salla Allaho 3ala Mo7ammad..Salla Allaho 3alayh wa Sallam”. A spiritual journey deep in to your heart.. am still speechless… Take a look of what my mobile was able to catch.

View this clip on Vimeo

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12 Responses to “For the love of Mohammed (PBUH)”

  1. Hussein Says:

    oh wael.. its a very pure words.. and its carrying your honesty and integrity, since 3 years i haven’t participate or saw this celebration with Mawlid! you know gulf contries and their boor dull rules..

    In Al-Faiha mosque.. or the Damascenes gathering place powred by the blessed Al-Taba? family.. they used as i remember to bring the great Monshed: Nour elDeen Khorsheed (abu ahmad).. and he start reciting the most beautiful poems talking about our prophet, our master and leader; Mohammad, salla allah ?laieh wa sallam. now i’m really missed this moments.

    thanx wael for the faithfully post, but please can you upload the link again, because the site is blocked here in Qatar!

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    Dear Hussein
    Yes we are talking about the same man “ABu Ahmad” He is great� The voice is so powerful…

    Anyway the video should be displayed on the same post… Did it work on your browser…?

    Anyway the file is 2.5 MB I can send it by email if you would like

  3. Dozz Says:

    finally..a purple patch.

  4. Hope Says:

    The site is also blocked in Kuwait so I could not watch the video clip. I once went as a child to Mawlid celebrations in Cairo and can still remembr it. I agree that here in the Gulf countries they do not approve of such celebration and somehow strip the occasion of any spirituality.

    PS your cartoons are brilliant, any new ones coming soon?

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Hope and Hussein: is there any site that is not blocked in the gulf that i can upload my videos in?

    Hope: About the cartoons… when am somehow busy with work and life around me i usually shut my self out from all the things that is happing around me.. no news and or life interaction.. Which produce a lack of motivation for me… which means that i can’t draw any useful or meaningful cartoons… this usually happens to me from time to time but it hopefully not for long.. But soon I do my best to get back to track…

  6. Hussein Says:

    hi wael,
    u can use these sites to upload:



    and if u send it to my email.. it will a great honor for me: alazaat@yahoo.com

    and here my gift

  7. super.devoika Says:

    wow! wael…
    the video is wierd… i didn’t know that they do such things in Jordan…
    anyways… celebrating the Prophet is always nice… salla Allah 3la Mohammed salla Allah 3alihi wa sallam…
    well… we had a nasheed concert in Glasgow… and Sami yusuf did his Mo3allem… and the whole audience was chantting… “he was Mohammed”… gosh… it feels so nice… I totally love this spirit… of being part of what really counts…
    alhamdullilah rab al3almeen…

  8. asfour Says:

    When the office boy here in the company saw this clip he told me:
    al e7tifal be mawled el naby yatem be etiba3 sonnateh …

    Well, I agree with him 100%

    Is celebrating my birthday forbiden or what? or celebrating yours Attili?

    … And I wonder!

  9. Wael Attili Says:

    Well dear Asfour, the celebration was not only for the birthday of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) but it was also a celebration of the love of Mohammed.

    When the prophet was alive, there was not need to celebrate, because everyday for the followers was a celebration. Today the time has changed and people started to forget about the prophet and the love of prophet is becoming less and less and fading out.

    Ask the office boy how much does he know about Prophet Mohammed?? Exactly how much, ask him about 3�azwat al morayse3 or the day when Jebreel open his heart. Or who took care of feeding him when he was 2 week old. (PBUH)

    Ask him how can you follow someone�s sunna and you don’t know or love…

    Love him first and make other love him and then you will automatically follow his sunnah.

    Who said celebration in Islam forbidden.. Do you remember the scene from Al Resalah movie when prophet Mohammed reach Al Madean.. Didn�t they celebrate his arrival..

    am saying this because I think we are in need for this not just doing it for fun…

    I don’t wanna say more, just let him here what the singer said in the middle of the clip..

    By the way don�t compare my or your birthday be Mawled Al rasool ; 7asha lelah ya zalameh.

  10. asfour Says:




    IT IS GREAT TO SEE,IN PAKISTAN WE CELEBRATE PROPHET’S(PBUH)BIRTH DAY AS A NATIONAL day. it is like eid in our country, we thanks to ALLAH for this great event

  12. Daghalodi Says:

    Peace and blessings be on our Master , On our Prophet, whom ALLAH blessed with a crown called “MERCY FOR ALL”.

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