This is a very important rule for any good designer to believe in. The basic resource for innovation is our own perception of life. This is why designers should explore and read more about everything in life, history, politics, science social life, cultures and even philosophy. Your library should not include design books only; design books are only showing you the end result of some work or a process. Other books are source of inspiration and data bank stored in your mind, which will enrich your thoughts when you need to brainstorm.

As I always say, design is a process of problem solving. Innovation and creativity is solving that problem in unprecedented way. Design books are very useful source to learn the process and to see examples of innovations. But it can’t help you that much when identifying the problem. And even if you found similar cases, you are only bringing a ready made solution. In this case go back to your data bank, learn more about the problem. Understand it and add you values to it. Design something based on you perception of life, this is what will make your outcome a unique one.

Designers should also pull themselves from the center and jump into the diameter, to see things differently and objectively. Life is not revolving around your design. In fact, not everything in life should necessary be connected directly to design. Sometimes things don’t need any design, and sometimes design can only make it worst.

We should all know the design is part of life and not the life itself. Design should serve a purpose. Design should add a value. Design is a reflection of someone’s perception. Life is the container. And you are not the center. You are only proposing a point of view.

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