Signs.. Signs.. Signs..

July 31st, 2005



If you don’t know how to write a CV just look at these signs in Amman, we are creative enough to combine portfolios with signs and save money.

Actually I got these images from an email from my colleague in the office and probably you’ve seen it before, but these signs opened a wound in my heart. The beautiful Amman is drowning under ugly signs.

Signs are competing with each other, bigger and bigger it became. Technology made it worse, ugly computer graphic and ugly flex signs are more to be used. You cannot read building architecture anymore, you only read signs and text. And what makes a disaster is what people write on there signs, and how they present themselves. You will find all kind of signs, sleazy, stupid, ugly, silly and crowded all mixed in your eyes. You will see also stolen brands, graphics and names. Only in Jordan you will find a shoe store with a stolen brand of Canon. Only in Jordan you will find Fido Dido as a restaurant logo or a signage company logo…

If you asked me what is the good thing about the above signs, my answer would be the typography, at least it’s a hand written typeface which is better than most of the ugly computer generated typefaces that we see around us, and I wish if we can go back to those kind of sings … with less text definitely… rather than seeing “Sha67at” by computer.

I hope creativity will stop one day!!

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4 Responses to “Signs.. Signs.. Signs..”

  1. Ibrahim Says:

    yeah tell me about it …

    but you know, i think the building owner or the architect should put some rules for the sign design, like the sign materials, or the lights style …

    here in SA most of them do that especially on the famous roads.
    maybe ill get some photos for them coz i like their designs …

    anyhow for the jordanian signs, one thing they most do, “stop using iron in your signs”

    and i really want to know whats the story about writing the owner name on the signs like ” be2daret al m3alem abu 3adel ”


  2. M!R@CHK@ Says:

    I totaly agree with you but atleast they thought about the colour scheme and chose primary colours to attract attention although its done in a bad way :)

  3. Roba Says:

    Haha, yay Sha3teely, it feels good to see more visual pollution critiques on Jordan Planet. I totally hate the whole crappy signage deal my self.. especially in Share3 il gardens! You’re right.. these hand written ones are sooo much better than the automized crap with the weird vector cartoons..
    but hey, I wouldnt refer to these as creativity :)

  4. Retro Jordans Says:

    I wonder how much money Jordan has made from his shoe line? Probably in the billions!

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