If you ask me what is the most sentence you hate, I will answer you “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX”. When someone tells me to think outside the box, I just wish if I have a big box to smash it in his face. Anyway… you always hear advertisers, cool designers and people who think them selves creative say “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX” all the time everywhere and anywhere. This repetitive habit made the “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX”
the box it self… So now you need to THINK OUT OF OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

Before you want to “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX”, you must know what the BOX is. And then you should decide if there is a need to think outside of it or not. Before you raise this big slogan “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX”, make sure that you can perfect the BOX first.

Again, great ides does not come all the sudden. The gravity law did not come only from the fall of the apple in Isaac Newton’s head.. there is a process behind every great idea. Don’t raise slogans, and don’t try to bring new ideas that don’t work… If it does work then it does work even if it’s out side the box. Learn the basic, perfect the box and then think outside the box.

So dear costumers, beware of people who raise the “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX” slogan. And ask them if they can think inside the box first.

By the way, you can use my invention to jump from box to another.

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12 Responses to “DON’T THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!”

  1. Roba Says:

    :D Raheeeeeeeeeb this post!~

  2. Abu 7amarne Says:

    this absolutly outside the box dude! after you perfect the box it self kaman

  3. raindrop Says:

    this post reminds me of my sister 7 years ago, she used to study architecture and she always used to complain about this sentence too! I used to stay up all night with her trying to think OUTSIDE the box to get an extra ordinary idea or design, trying to avoid her project to be smashed under the prof’s feet the day after hehehe

    maybe I should email her this post :)
    I like it!

  4. Sami Says:

    haha, good stuff masha’Allah.

  5. wedad Says:

    i like the post its totaly true & right :)

  6. Arrabi Says:

    Want your manager to stop? Use Buzzword Bingo!

    “Think outside the box”… Bingo!!!

  7. mohammad Says:

    Ha ha � remember that conference logo “outside the box” that I told you about? It was inside a BIG bulky box!, so cheer up :-)

  8. adel Says:

    Great analysis there … i absolutely agree.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Well I was in the same situation a couple of months ago when I was working in a design house. I always thought out side the box when I was supposed to think in the dam thing. Because of that I was not doing well at my work and left at the end. so an advice to all you designers out their stay in the box because it tacks some time to get out of it. Another thing the box is quit a big space to think in so don�t go all hasty now.


  10. Wael Attili Says:

    Well said T.S.
    this exactly my point

  11. Shawn@MoneyBrick Says:

    This post is PERFECT! “Think Outside The Box” is such a cliche these days. One can literally say, “85% of all people think outside the box.” When 85% of people think outside the box, then it’s not thinking outside the box anymore! The box has merely become larger! The more people that think outside a certain “box”, the larger that box becomes.

    Also, you’re very right that people must learn to think within “the box” before they can even attempt to think outside of it. People must know the limitations they have and the limitations that society imposes on us, in order to know how to best use everything to one’s advantage. Knowing this… is not outside any box.

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