Sha3teely in Silicon Valley

October 7th, 2010

I spent the last week wondering around in LA, after a very long trip from Amman. Ill tell you more about it later.


While am in Palo Alto I had the chance to go and watch the screening of “The Social Network” movie along with some other Jordanian entrepreneurs. The move shows Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg a total Asshole. The story tells you how ugly things can turn between partners… Recommended to be watch.


Anyway, we went on a day trip to visit some leading online companies in Silicon Valley organized by Endeavor. I think it was a really bad to start with Microsoft. We just had a quick presentation about Microsoft TV. I think they need a huge doze of innovation. They became a bit old. If they want to comeback to the race they have to invest in innovation and building creative young team rather than investing in crappy solution and high salary old people.


Then we headed to Facebook. The Facebook visit was interesting. Offices are lovely and the community is really young out there.



We had lunch at Google famous, then we had a really inspiring presentation about Google innovation. At Google you don’t feel that you are in a company.. Its closer to university campus. I liked the environment, but am not used to see large amount of people working together.


We ended up the journey with a visit to ebay, we’ve had a brief about the story of ebay and what they do and gonna do.

Finally, I believe that there are no differences between us and companies in Silicon Valley in terms of innovation. The only thing that they have and we don’t have is money and base of users.

This is why it’s really important to increase the base of internet users in the Arab world and increase capitals invested in technology and online sectors. We need to build a brand repetition and a hype around what we do. Then we might see the next Facebook or Google coming out of this region.

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  2. Bashar Says:

    totally agree with you on the difference between us here and them. Money & base of users.. thats what we should be working on improving.

  3. Omar Says:

    The difference is absolutely not that simple! The difference is the working ethics, the business environment, the overall culture, and then comes the things you’ve mentioned.

    I’ve been there before, and I’ve tested the differences between us and them first hand in both worlds, if you found a 25-year old guy same as your age, rest assure that there are 25 years of differences between you and him in terms of education and culture that made him be where he is today.

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  5. 5olio Says:

    Imagine going from nothing to a billionaire in less than a year.

  6. ismail Says:

    thank you so much for sharing with us your trip,i am a blogguer from morocco, from rabat, nice to read you write

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