Birthday Surprise!

March 11th, 2006


Yesterday was my 27th Birthday; May wife told me that she is not going to do anything special this time because she is pregnant and she can handle nothing … she told me that she want us to go only for a dinner in a restaurant, just me and here… To tell you the truth I was suspicious about that and I didn’t want to ruin anything she prepared for me. So I didn’t ask…
Before we go out, one of my friends was almost going to spoil everything when he called my wife and I was next to her… I knew it wasn’t a romantic dinner but I thought maybe she invited 2 or 3 of my friends… The surprise was that she invited everyone I know! The office, my friends, her friend and brother… It was great… she was preparing this for a week… And every one kept silence and I did know nothing about it. This time she made it right… THANK YOU MY DEAR WIFE… AND THANK YOU ALL WHO CAME AND HELP HER IN THIS PLOT.

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10 Responses to “Birthday Surprise!”

  1. iDip Says:

    Happy Birthday Wael

  2. manal yusuf Says:

    3o2bal el-100 saneh

  3. Roba Says:

    kol saneh o inta salem wa2el :)

  4. Bashar Says:

    Happy 27 :) inshalah next year you well celebrate your birthday with another new family member :) speaking of that …abu 2iessh il ma7rrooss ???

  5. wedad Says:

    Happy birthday :0)
    I love these surprises

  6. ohoud Says:

    How cute!

    Happy birthday:)

  7. Basil Rasheed Says:

    Ya CD reto alf alf mabrok o 3o2bal alf saneh ya man….

  8. Linda Says:

    happy birthday! god bless you and your growing family!

  9. Lina Says:

    I know this is very late bs Happy Birthday Wa2el :) 27 is one of my favorite numbers ;p and alf alf mabrouk for the newborn… yalla you have to blog all about it!

  10. lulu Says:

    Happy Birthday Wael, and alf mabrook for the new baby!

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