Fekra is a program initiated by The Children Museum. The museum hosted groups of children from different institutions and organizations, and from different parts of Jordan.They spend couples of hours at the museum twice a week. For a month, these kids are exposed to new learning experiences through couple of workshops and activities.

Girl playing playdoh on Fekra workshop Children Meusem

Playdoh workshop children meusum

I was honored and lucky to be part of Fekra this year and to play playdoh with kids a little bit. It was hard but yet fun. I just gave these kids some playdoh pieces to play with and to experience the fun of molding and creation.

At the beginning, non of the kids had an idea what to do, and to tell you the truth I could not tell them what to do. I just wanted them to express their thoughts.. The only thing they though of was a man committing a suicide, a gun and a big bullet.. Then there was that little girl came from heaven and saved the day. She started to create amazing shapes and objects and when I asked everyone to see her work, a river of innovation ran into their minds. The scene was crazy and the workshop became a playdoh carnival.

Playdoh workshop children meusum

Playdoh workshop children meusum

That girl was able to do something I could not do.. That girl inspired her friends more than I could and I am thankful for what she did.

Fekra program is amazing and I believe it should be expanded beyond the museum it self. Our kids needs to be exposed to many positive experiences. And they should learn how to express, share and produce. And we as adults we need to lean how to deal with their emotions, dreams and imagination. We need to learn how to inspire them and be inspired by them. So I guess it was a good start..

Playdoh workshop children meusum

Playdoh workshop children meusum

Special Thanks to Alma Khasawneh

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5 Responses to “A moment of pleasure | Sha3teely playdoh workshop at Fekrah!”

  1. Nadera Says:

    Waw wael, alla ya36ek alf 3afya ya rab… :)

  2. tasneemo Says:

    عنجد انو افكارك جميلة جدا
    ونحنا العرب وبهاد الزمن تحديدا نحتاج لأشخاص مبدعين متلك

  3. Roba Says:

    That is really nice Wael :)

  4. Amar - CMJ Says:

    Thank you from the Children’s Museum
    We especially appreciate sharing the story of the girl who inspired the children. It’s very moving.
    Way to go.

  5. Reem Says:

    Hi Wael,Keefak Can you please tell me about the youth group Fekra where is it located in Amman and what is their activities for children and from which age to which age.

    regards Reem

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