arab terrorists development

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3 Responses to “Cartoon | the creation of terrorists!!”

  1. طارق منصور Says:

    السلام عليكم
    رائع فعلاً, يجب عمل نسخة إنجليزية وعرضها علي المجلات الإجنبية, فكرة رائعة وتستحق الإهتماما منك ومنا

    شكراً لك

  2. Mohanned Says:

    Do you really think it’s that abstract?Is it really Israel? Or the Jews?Don’t you think that you are actually falling in the trap of “arab regimes” weakness? Where is the enabler in the equation? Where is relegion?

  3. Mahmoud Hammoudeh Says:

    I like it, but the word terrorism should be in quotations !!! ;)

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