Yes Jordan’s IT and creative sector is having a renaissance era, especially after the Maktoob/yahoo deal. More IT startups and ideas are shining up.. big dreams are being drawn and big investors are keeping and eye on what is going on..

But are we blowing pink balloons only?! or are we getting serious enough to take these success stories into a next level..?!!

Next level means that we need to build proper strategies and proper methodologies of supporting innovative ideas and startups in a national scale..

This means that we need to re- evaluate our educational system, engage schools and universities in the process from early stages.. This means that the parliament should keep an eye on what is happing and start providing proper legislation environment..

This means that media should focus more on innovation and small startup, provide the proper support and exposure for them.. This means that big corporate should look seriously into our young creative and innovative minds.. This means that banking and financial sector should move from investing in cement and bricks and start investing on people…

This means that we should move in a national level and stop blowing air “3ala el fadi”.. we need to help and move small /medium businesses from survival mode into more stable situation.. we need to build a place where it can incubate this whole movement.. We need to convert Jordan into the largest innovation and technology workshop… and yes I believe we can.. why not?

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2 Responses to “Stop blowing balloons and get more serious!!”

  1. Wesam Says:

    “The parliament needs to keep an eye…”
    Seriously, you expect a bunch of tribal sheiks to keep an eye on the IT sector?

  2. Tareq Says:

    Balloons ya Wael,, Colorless Balloons, Made in China and bursts easily! :(

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