Nehru suits

March 6th, 2006


I am not a suit’s expert. I even don’t like to wear one… but if you asked me if you had to wear a suit.. I would directly answer you give me a Nehru Suit.. I just love the design of that suit. It is so simple, pure and elegant… one of the most things I love about this suit is the nice round nick area… and the no tie. Also the sharp edges on shoulders and body outline. I don’t know if they sell this suit in town, but am thinking to buy one soon.

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8 Responses to “Nehru suits”

  1. Arrabi Says:

    It looks nice! It look a lot like the traditional Ottoman suit - which was a nice cross between Western & Eastern cultures. Both a practical and a civilization-rich solution for the time.

    At times I envy Pakistan/Iran, the Gulf, & Morocco, because they have kept their traditional clothes. Just like you can go out and spend $200 on a nice suit, you can go and spend a similar amount on a very nice Dishdasheh or a Shirwal-Qamis (pakistan) or a Qashabah (Morocco).
    These age-old clothes that have evolved out of people’s needs, resources, and environment, are priceless. And unfortunately, we, the “shwam” - especially the palestinians, have lost most of them long time ago.

    I was happy to find some really good dishdashahs in Damascus. They were called “Qas3ah Hamawieh”. I receive guests in them now :-)

  2. Saqf Says:

    Salam Wael,

    Thanks for sharing your taste in suits. I am not a suit person myself, but I have been collecting traditional clothes that interest me from various cultures.

    I wear some in certain occasions, and others when praying.

    I do believe that most -if not all- traditional clothes were designed in the most suitable way to suit the lifestyle and -most importantly- the climate of each country or region, in accordance to what “Arrabi” mentioned.

    Here is a link to a British site that you may find appealing to your taste:

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    Guys… am seriously thinking of taking a coarse bel 7�aya6a

  4. enrique Says:


    Is it still possible to purchase such a suit in the United States anymore?

  5. Big Ben Says:

    I talked to the people at the Men’s Warehouse. They told me they don’t sell Nehru suits, but the same suit size for a man in Britan is also the same suit size for a man in the US. So you could always order one via the internet from Britan.

  6. Raj Says:

    i m getting this suit stiched for my Annual staff Party. Where every ones buyin a tux or a 3 piece i m confident a nehru will stand on an equal frequency.

    Proud to be Indian


  7. ebrahim Says:

    Guys i do agree with you all its a elegant suit cuz i have just stitched a cream one.its kinda comfortable and good looking.btw can i know where i can wear it to and what to wear underneath it. I live in malaysia.

  8. Alexandria Huskins Says:

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