When we started Kharabeesh we wanted to be storytellers who are telling our stories in all kind of formats. But we never thought that we are going to tell a story of a city through floats and a people..

We were lucky to be part of an amazing trilogy. Three Jordanian companies, iJordan, OrangeRed and Kharabeesh teamed together to organize Amman’s first parade. The biggest festive event this year and the tipping point of a one year celebration of GAM’s centennial.

Amman Centennial Parade Poster

Kharabeesh is considered the creative arm of the organizing team. Our role was divided into two major parts.

A- Branding and communication design which include designing all kind communication materials such posters, flayers, outdoors. ads and TVCs.

Amman Centennial Parade Website

B- Float design, and that was the most challenging and interesting part, because it was the first time ever we design a float, from concept to workshop drawing, eleven floats were designed. Ten of these floats, each represent a decade from the 100 years of Amman.
Amman Centennial parade | One the floats concept sketches

The parade is going to be on Friday 9th of October and it’s gonna start form the roman theater and ends at Ras Al Ain.


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2 Responses to “The Centennial parade | celebrating the stories of Amman”

  1. Tanya Kasim Says:

    Well done! Some of the video reminds me of the Amman I do miss.

  2. Lina Says:

    Yay :) had no idea you were involved. This is so exciting and I’m really looking forward to it today.


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