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December 6th, 2006

I’ve been tagged, and same as Manal this is the first time to be tagged…

The Tag rules are:
- Grab the closest book to you.
-Open Page 123.
-Scroll down to the 5th sentence.
-Post the next 3 sentences on your blog.
-Name the book and author.
- Tag 3 people.

So i found this book on the desk next to me

The book name is : Design secret packaging by Catharine Fishel

the 3 sentences are:

which worked better at big and small sizes, and looked handmade.” McEwan explains.

Ok i don’t know why this tag is for? but anyway am tagging

Mohammed Asfour

Sari and Reem
Mr. Kamel Nsirat

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Flu is on the air!!!

December 6th, 2006

I called my mom this morning to tell her that my wife and the baby are very sick… they had flu for the past couple of days… then I discovered that all my family, bothers, sisters and there kids are also having flu. Not only that, my wife took my young baby to the clinic… and she told me that the clinic was full of babies having the same flu… they told her that the virus is being spread on the air.

I don’t know, but it seems that someone was sneezing too much here!! Or I think it’s some kind of a conspiracy theory just to sell more tissues…

Anyway… be careful out there, the flu is still released….

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الزنداني يعلن اكتشاف علاج للإيدز

أعلن رئيس جامعة الإيمان اليمنية الشيخ عبد المجيد الزنداني اكتشافه علاجا من الأعشاب الطبيعية للشفاء من مرض نقص المناعة المكتسب (الإيدز).

وقال الزنداني وفريقه العلمي إن نحو 15 شخصا استطاعوا التخلص من الفيروس خلال فترة تراوحت من ثلاثة أشهر إلى سنة بعد تعاطيهم العلاج، مشيرا إلى أن الفحوصات الطبية أثبتت خلوهم من الفيروس.

وفي مقابلة مع الجزيرة دعا الزنداني جميع شركات الأدوية ومنظمة الصحة التابعة للأمم المتحدة إلى زيارة اليمن للاطلاع على العلاج ورؤية نتائج الفحوص التي تمت في أرقى المختبرات العالمية، رافضا إعطاء تفاصيل عن الأعشاب ومكان تواجدها وذلك لضمان عدم تسريب الاختراع قبل برائته.

وأوضح الزنداني أن اكتشاف العلاج لم يكن من باب الصدفة، مشيرا إلى أن البحث فيه يعود إلى 15 عاما عندما شكل فريق بحث في المدينة المنورة بحث في الطب النبوي والإعجاز الطبي في السنة النبوية.

وأوضح أنه تم اختبار الدواء أولا على الحيوانات والخلايا، حيث أثبت فعاليته في القضاء على الخلايا غير الطبيعية، مبينا أن فريق البحث أجرى عقب ذلك فحوصات سريرية للمصابين وعلى خلايا المناعة والفيروس، وتواصل عقبها مع المختبرات الطبية العالمية لمعرفة النتائج.

وقد شكك الدكتور صالح القاضي مستشار أخصائي في الإيدز بمستشفى هومورتون الجامعي في لندن والمستشار الزائر بمنظمة الصحة العالمية في اكتشاف الزنداني، مشيرا إلى وجود ادعاءات سابقة بالشفاء من مرض الإيدز مثل التداوي بالدعاء الديني والصلاة والأعشاب والفيتامينات.

وأوضح الدكتور صالح في مقابلة مع الجزيرة أنه عايش بعض تلك الحالات التي قيل لها إنها شفيت تماما من المرض لكن النتيجة كانت كارثية.

ورغم ذلك فقد أعرب عن سعادته بالكشف الجديد إن كان صحيحا، ناصحا مرضى الإيدز بالاستمرار في العلاج القديم وأخذ العلاج الجديد معه إذا عرض عليهم شريطة أن لا تكون هناك تعارضات كيميائية.

وأكد أن الكشف لا يمكن التأكد منه إلا من خلال عملية علمية حقيقية يجريها مختصون مستقلون في أعلى المستويات، معربا عن استعداده للتنسيق بين الشيخ الزنداني وأعلى المؤسسات العلمية بحيث تحفظ حقوقه.

المصدر: الجزيرة

هذا مجرد خبر عن الشيخ الزنداني ولا علاقة لي بالشيخ لا من قريب ولا من بعيد

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Design issues | Why grids?

December 4th, 2006


A question that is always burns my mind. As a designer, I always seek to build some sort of a grid in my designs. Alignment of design object is one of the most important ABCs of any information display. If I saw a 1px shift from a grid I get irritated and I feel that there is something wrong and not well designed… why??

Most of architectural designs are based on grid. The modern movements of design are based on grid. Modern cities are planned according to a grid. Grids are everywhere, and in everything designed by human.

So why is grid?
I tried to find an answer for that question. But to tell you the truth, answering this question needs more research and deeper digging. But I can shape an opinion based on my design experience through out the years. The most important thing to bear in mind is that not every creation in life is based on a grid… in fact there is a design movements created to fight grids…

If you want to design something that works you simply need a system. This system insures that anyone could easily get use of what you have designed… wither it was a house or an Ad.

Basically the grid is the simplest system which man ever found. It’s like the easiest equation in mathematics 1+1=2. Grids allow understanding how and why things work. Users need a guide so grids are the most understandable guide you can ever get.

Some people do not believe in grids. They take there designs into a higher level of experience. But most of the time the results are vague or hard to use for most people. And maybe this is what they want.

Other people do not know what is grids are for. There for most of there work are useless and below standards.

Grids have many forms, proportions and relations. Good and functional design relay on grids. People who seek beauty may not find a great use of grids. Probably they will ignore it and end up making arbitrary designs. Such design which will cost you money and nothing in return.

We need grids but we don’t have to like it!!

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a hilarious songs performed by my brother’s daughter… cookies cookies 123, apple apple 123, and sitty ya stooty

enjoy :)

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Thursday around 4:00 PM I called my wife and told her that am going to a JP meeting… then I had a meeting at 5:00 therefore I changed my mind and decided that am not gonna be able to make it. Then my wife called me and told me that she went to the meeting and she was going to make it a surprise for me “ya3ny mo7awalet kabsih fashleh”. So I took a cap and went strait to the JP meeting.

The place was full. I couldn’t find a place to set… and the smock clouds made it hard for me to see everyone… I couldn’t be able to talk to everyone… I really couldn’t…

My wife brought my little baby Joon with her, and she didn’t know that Jordanian bloggers are “Hashasheen” so she was afraid that smock will do harm for the baby… never the less the clock was ticking for Joon to sleep. So I didn’t have much time to see everybody.

I managed to talk to some people and say hi to the others… but really that was not enough of me…

My deepest apology to all bloggers on the meeting if I didn’t have the chance to meet with… although we don’t know each other in reality… but I think the place was full of love, friendship and joy… and even though we have different opinions I think we are all one hell of a family…

I am proud of being part of that family…

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Friday night I went with my wife to her friend’s wedding…”302bal 3end elly fe nefso”… anyway, some lady who was sitting on our table went to the buffet and filled 2 big plates with food. Each plate is filled three times than mine. When the waiter asked her what she would like to drink… She asked him for “Diet Coke”!!

Diet coke… what the hell was that for. I don’t think that a diet coke will do her any good. She was also eating stuff from her friend’s plate… and after all that she afraid to gain some waits if she drinks regular coke!!

Some people would say that she may like diet coke more than regular… but believe me if you saw her and the way she asked the waiter you will be having doubt about that.

The situation was a bit funny for me and I could help my self but to write about… sorry about that. I am not always like this.

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