2 years for Ikbis

November 24th, 2008

I can’t believe how time pass by so quickly… it’s been two years since we’ve launched ikbis.com. I have learned so many things about the online business due to ikbis. This site was a true challenge for many people who worked on it. and it really made a difference in the Arabic online communities… ikbis was the first photo and video sharing website in the region.

I think after two years, ikbis is becoming more and more mature and focused… also It’s taking a good position in the arab virtual space. Ikbis aims to encourage arab online users to become more proactive and create original user generated content. It’s also known as a family friendly video and photo sharing website which gave it an edge from similar foreign websites .

We which all luck for ikbis in the upcoming years and my God bless the yellow and brown website :)

Ikbis teaser before the launch.. the biggest yellow button on the web!

ikbis first homepage


ikbis team having a small balling celebration :)

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I’ve tried to find a database for public transportation in Amman, but unfortunately i could not find anything useful. We all agree that we have a difficult public transportation system in Amman. But now, I’m not asking to spend millions of dollars to fix roads or to bring more vehicles. All what I’m asking is to build a database for the current public transportation on the web.. Such a project like this will not cost that much and indeed it will help lots of people and make our lives much easier.

For example, If I want to know how to get from Al Jam3a into the second circle,I don’t know how and I don’t have any resource except those people who are using public transportation in a regular bases for a long time.. in fact I don’t know how much it will cost me..

Today we have lots of google maps for Amman and even now we have GPS maps.. all what we have to do is to place the current routs of public buses and service taxies on those maps. Include the stop locations of these transportations. Create a simple web application to suggest how can people go from point to point. calculate cost of the journey and maybe estimate time .. would be amazing..

Such a project like this can be easily funded. I am sure there are lots of talents and experiences which can make this project something real..

All what we need is a decision from above.. I hope this idea can reach the decision makers and I hope they can take it inconsideration.

meanwhile.. if you like this idea and you would like to support it, blog about it or inform others about it until we make sure that the idea reach decision makers.


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Thank you Waheed…

November 4th, 2008


After weeks of suffering from bad hosting service and problems with encoding and MySQL data.. the master, the guru and the champion of encoding… the one whom send by GOD to save sha3teely blog.. Mr. Waheed Barghothi.. for this… I salute you..

I would like also to thank Ahmad kharbat, Karim Arafat, Moe Razim , Yazan Malakha and Faisal for their help and efforts to restore my data.. Walla ya shabab 3′alabtko ma3i

Thank you God for sending those people to me!!

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وت وت بحلّة جديدة

September 15th, 2008


اليوم هو يوم وت وت بالتأكيد.. فقد أطلق فريق وت وت الحلة الجديدة له بعد أشهر من العمل المتواصل والسهر الطويل. فريق وت وت بقيادة المايسترو كريم عرفات والمطور أندي وبمساعدة المبرمج وحيد إستطاعوا أخيراً من إنجاز هذا العمل الرائع، الموقع كان من تصميم شركة أورجانك
“`organic” وهو بالفعل عمل فني جميل وجريء وقد أعطى لموقع وت وت شخصية جديدة ومميزة.

بالإضافة للشكل الجديد فهناك وظائف جديدة ومتنوعة وخدمات إضافية يجب الاطلاع عليها… والآن إعذروني فعلي أن أقوم ببعض الوتوتات واكتشاف الموقع.

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It seems that the Lamarck’s theory of evolution had its effect on the new interface of Firefox 3.0. The most used parts have grown and became visible more than the unused part that have shrunk.

In most browsers we have seen the back and forward button has equal size and same design. This time, Firfox interface designer had said it loud and clear, the most used button in browser is the back button. The rest are rarely used. Therefore we made it big for you. I think it’s true. For example I never use the forward or home buttons. But I think the refresh button is commonly used one.

This is a very interesting case in user interface and usability design. It takes human behaviors and experience into consideration. And in some way it’s so similar to the theory of evolution. Functions are not only pure actions, its also behaviors and habits. Design is not only neatness or arrangements, its serving behaviors and experience.

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One of my favorite video sites is now unavailable for Jordan. Due to copyright issues veoh.com now are closing there services in some regions.

Although I am going to miss this site, but i think this is good for ikbis business and other local video sites.

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Ground Zero is a new show created by two amazing and talented guys, Mike Derderian and Mohammed Jaradat. The show has three segments:

1- “Doblaj” My favorite part.
2- Lost in translation
3- Pirates of down town Amman

Anyway i think this show is going to be a kick ass. I really enjoy every minute of it. I am glade to know the guys behind this show and lets not forget George, the man who helped this show become true…

Don’t miss this new channel on ikbis

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When you combine a very creative and cool business brand like akhtaboot.com with a very talented and professional artist like Amer Al kokh.. You are defiantly going to get a kick ass animation ad. Good combination, isn’t it?

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Say Hello to Hulu

March 13th, 2008


Hulu.com streams current episodes of hit shows the morning after they air on TV.

Time Magazine wrote about this website the following” A new website called Hulu could do to television what iTunes did to music. That’s because Hulu frees TV shows from their networks and instead lets viewers watch legal versions of programs à la carte, whenever they choose — for free on the Web.”

I think these kind of websites will change the face of entertainment business and video streaming. From the user generated content sites like youtube, to the professional content like Hulu.com. This is totally a revolutionary step in the overall entertainment business.

To tell you the truth, web is becoming more and more entertaining. And I guess this is a new era on web… where you can get free entertainment almost as equal as TV and has much more variety in content and interaction.

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If you go now to zain.jo you will find two nice banners which will take to watwet.com, a new service from tootcorp which is now open for everyone to register. This service is almost the new generation of social networking which integrates mobile and web together. For the time being, Watwet is only serving SMS and MMS for Zain Jordan users. Soon this model will apply to other countries in the region. But nevertheless, people can still register and use the service even if they are not Zain Jordan users… But the only deference is that they will not be able to send SMS or receive them.

Really guys… once you start using Watwet, you will feel the addiction on your blood…

go watwet now


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