When you combine a very creative and cool business brand like akhtaboot.com with a very talented and professional artist like Amer Al kokh.. You are defiantly going to get a kick ass animation ad. Good combination, isn’t it?

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Say Hello to Hulu

March 13th, 2008


Hulu.com streams current episodes of hit shows the morning after they air on TV.

Time Magazine wrote about this website the following” A new website called Hulu could do to television what iTunes did to music. That’s because Hulu frees TV shows from their networks and instead lets viewers watch legal versions of programs à la carte, whenever they choose — for free on the Web.”

I think these kind of websites will change the face of entertainment business and video streaming. From the user generated content sites like youtube, to the professional content like Hulu.com. This is totally a revolutionary step in the overall entertainment business.

To tell you the truth, web is becoming more and more entertaining. And I guess this is a new era on web… where you can get free entertainment almost as equal as TV and has much more variety in content and interaction.

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لقد مضى وقت طويل وأنا لم أحضر أي فعالية ثقافية في عمّان. البارحة تشجعت وسحبت نفسي لأحضر مسرحية “لا على الترتيب أو الخبز اليومي” للكاتبة والمخرجة سوسن دروزة. قام بالتمثيل كل من الفنانة أمل عمران والفنان أيهم مجيد آغا. تتموحر فكرة العمل على العلاقة بين زوجين مضى على زواجهما أكثر من خمس أعوام وتصف المشاهد علاقات الجذب والتنافر بين الزوجين الذي يسعى كل من هما إلى أيجاد مساحته الخاصة دون أن يخسر الأرضية المشتركة التي بدأت عليها أحلامهم في بداية العلاقة. ويتحدث النص أيضاً عن محاولت الطرفين إشعال فتيل الحب الذي انطفيء واختفى وراء روتين الحياة وإيقاعته الصعبة. معظم الأحداث تدور في غرفة المعيشة على تلك الكنبة التي تجمع الأزواج في المساء بعد يوم متعب من العمل. وبجانب تلك الكنبة يوجد عامود إضاءة داخلي معطّل وينتظر من يصلحه. وعلى الجانب الآخر صندوق أسود صغير. بداخله أغراض الحياة. وفي الخلف لوحتان تمثلان شخصية كل من الزوجين. لوحة لرجل بوجه مغلف بالسماء ترمز إلى الشخصية الحالمة ولوحة لمرأة بوجه نبات ترمز الى العطاء أو الليونة أو الرقة في لفّات النبات وإنحناءه وربما لا شيء مما ذكرت. تلك اللوحات من رسوم الفنانة ريما مال الله.

ولقد إعتمدت المخرجة بشكل كبير على مجهود كبير للممثلين في تحريك المشاهد ورسم إيقاع المسرحية. فكان الحوار هو الأساس. وقدرة التعبير لدى الممثلين هي المحرك الأساسي للأحداث. وتتمثل صعوبة النص في التحول السريع بين الإيقاع السريع والبطئ، الغضب والسعادة، الأمل واليأس، الفرح والحزن، الصراخ أو الغناء. أما بالنسبة للعلاقة بين الزوج والزوجة فقد تم إختزالها في فكرة إنطفاء الحب بينهما دون التطرق إلى مشاكل الأولاد أو الاهل أو الأقارب. وربما هي صراع أزلي سيبقى بين الرجل والمرأة. وقد تكون أسباب البعد هي نفسها أسباب التقارب. كما يحتفل العمل بتناقضات الحياة وصراحة العلاقة والتعبير عن الذات. ولكنه في النهاية لا يتحدث عن كل الحالات ولا يتحدث بجميع لغات ولهجات حياتنا المعاصرة. إنما هو عبارة عن حالة من مئات الاحتمالات.

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Certainly we are those masters. I am sure that the idea was nice. I like the Grey color more than the yellow black edges. But the execution sucks. Take a look at this pictures which I took near my office this morning.

على مبدأ أجى يكحلها عماها

I believe such work like this is not acceptable at all. It’s a total waste of money. The sidewalk edges need to be fixed before and painted in a much neater way.

Sara7a; I will not consider this as an achievement for the municipality. Ill just consider it as yet another failed attempt to fix something in the city. You either do it right or don’t..? An organized city needs and organized workers.

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“Terrorist Buster” Logo

November 25th, 2007

Terrorist Buster

This is the “Terrorist Buster” Logo created and published by the CIA Division. At first I thought it was a new logo for a Disney cartoon show, something like Ghost Buster series. But it turned out that this is an official logo. It’s for the DCI Counterterrorist Center “Terrorist Buster”. See it yourself.

Advice to the CIA: Hire a good graphic designer.

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My Umax home station

November 22nd, 2007


This picture shows the Wi-Max receiver and the wireless router at my house… by the way, Wi-max is the name of the technology and Umax is the brand name for the service…

Umniah gives you the receiver on a rent base which is the 6JD per month.. if you find the receiver too big, then you will be happy to know that Umniah will soon provide a small USB devices.

The wireless router which you get is for free if you pay 1 year in advance and 50% discount if you pay for 6months… which is a good deal :) Now i can blog from the bathroom

But before you decide to use this service.. make sure that your area is covered. For me I was lucky enough to take one of my friends receivers and tested the signal before I went to Umniah.. but even the signal test may also fail you, so you may also try to login using your friend’s account :) don’t ask me to do so.. i don’t know my father now ;)

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Testing my Umax connection

November 22nd, 2007

and the results was


yesterday the download speed was 431 but today i guess it was better :)

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Some of you may wonder why I did not blog for a long time!!… One of the many reasons I had is that I had to move to a new house where I don’t have a landline or ADSL connection. I went to Orange and applied for landline and ADSL connection relocation… It’s been more than 3 months and nothing happened. I was so pissed off and angry and I really wanted to say a very big bad word about ORANGE but my ethics prevented me from doing so.

Anyway… Finally someone like Umniah introduced an alternative.. The Umax service, were I am lucky enough to be covered with a good signal. I tested the single and went straight-ahead to buy 1 MB connection. The same day I was online…

Although the prices you get from the website are deferent from what you pay at the end… but that was fine by me… for the 1MB you pay 460JD and you get a wireless router for free. Also you get a WI-max receiver for 6 JD a moth. “12 month included in the 460 JD”

The cool thing is that you only pay once a year.. No bills.. No one calls every month and no worries that your account will be disconnected because you did not pay.

For me this is a really convenient service… I did not want a landline from the first place… Actually no one was calling on my landline… all people call me from mobile… so the only thing I need a landline for was to have an ADSL connection.

I am so happy and I feel my digital life is back to me…

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I always receive invitations from people to join some sort of a social network website on the web, and I always ignore them. But this time I got an invitation to join mecca.com which seems to be a social network website for Muslims around the world. I still did not register, but the idea and features that they display are quite interesting. Also the graphics are not bad at all. In fact I liked the design.

The founders of this site are two Jordanian, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Husseini and Mr. Sami Al-Taher. They said on the website that Mecca.com offers a point of solidarity for online Muslims worldwide. There goal is to promote and reinforce an inspiring, positive image of the strong values that Muslims bring to their respective communities everywhere. They help Muslims everywhere come closer to achieving their own personal dreams – whatever they may be.

Well the concept and the idea is great, I wish them all the luck..

Now I am going to register

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Ikbis with Ramadan flavor

September 13th, 2007


Ikbis has launched its first competition searching for an amazing shot that catches the Ramadan spirit. The contest is sponsored by Nokia Nseries and the prizes for sure are amazing Nseries devices.

Take your chances and don’t miss the Prize.

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